"It's only through music that I can express the heaviness of my heart.
We walk on this Earth day by day not giving back,
We just take take take. 

My eyes are open to amazing possibilities beyond these skies, and all I want to do is give back my gifts as they were given
to me.

I pray we all make it to "The Other Side" you choose..."
On the Other Side- My Letter to the World
Timothy Bloom Deluxe Album
"Timothy is very talented, sincere, and passionate about good, relevant music. His music has all those elements. That's a hard combination to beat." - Herbie Hancock


Timothy's next  show will be February 19th,  Perot Theater, Texarkana, Texas.  



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Timothy has one of those rare voices that transcends genres and instantly hooks you in. His potential is through the roof and I can't wait for the world to catch on" -DJ Skee, CEO, Dash Radio

What People are Saying about Timothy:
“I feel about Timothy the same way I felt when I first met TuPac as far as artistic talent,hunger and quest. He has a real skillful driven soul ”- Chuck D

Timothy is currently in studio working on his next album as well as working with a few of his own artists. Look for great music coming out of Beyond the Sky Studios in the next few months.  You might catch a glimpse of some new songs if you subscribe to his YouTube channel. 

A New Year, A New Album!