About Timothy...

“I feel I was put on this earth to create music that is relatable, and touches the hearts and souls of people.”
Two-time GRAMMY® award-winner and VH-1 “You Oughta Know Artist” Timothy Bloom is excited about the future. Chosen by MIDEM to be one of the artists selected to participate in their Artist Accelerator Program, Timothy Bloom is on the move showcasing his brand of music that he’s branded “Rock and Soul.”
Timothy’s work sings the emotions of the human heart. “That’s what inspires me,” he says. “People are yearning for stories and songs that will fill their hearts and souls. That’s what we escape to when we can’t outwardly express ourselves. If you want to be happy, dance, cry or even be angry, it’s all in the music.”

Forged from a childhood of diverse experiences, powered by a kaleidoscope of musical influences, Timothy’s music defies category and refuses to be put in a box.  “Classify me as diverse,” says Timothy. “I have the gospel background, which is where I get a lot of my soul; the emotion in my playing. But my music is ultimately a fusion of many influences. I could never see myself doing one type of music. When anyone asks me who I’d like to work or tour with, I answer everybody!”

He started early. Timothy was introduced to various cultures and lifestyles as his father’s service as an army chaplain took the family to such varied locales as Germany, Alaska and Oklahoma. His pastor parents only allowed their five children to listen to gospel music. One day Timothy “ran away”, meaning he grabbed the keys, and snuck out to the car to turn on the radio. The first song that came on was Bob Dylan’s “Lay, Lady, Lay.” Young Timothy was amazed, and inspired.

Timothy’s refreshing voice and sound reflect the multiple influences of his musical heroes and his varied upbringing. He attributes his unique blend to the styles he heard growing up. Rock, Folk, Gospel, R&B—all these elements and more add to his unique, signature style.  His favorite singers were the likes of Jeff Buckley, Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Johnny Mathis, and Frank Sinatra because “those type of cats had tone and texture.”

Timothy’s tone and texture caught the eye of skilled musicians early on. He began his career as a songwriter and producer writing for the incomparable Smokey Robinson (“My World”, “Fallin in Love”). Timothy then moved on to writing and producing GRAMMY® award-winning songs for both Ne-Yo (“Say it” on Because of You) and Chris Brown (“All Back” on F.A.M.E).  He recently produced a song on K. Michelle’s new album (“How Do You Know” on Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart).  Wisely, he came out from behind the board with his own EP, “The Budding Rose” which contained the beautiful and sultry video for the single “Til the End of Time.” Next, he released the eponymous album Timothy Bloom, with the deluxe edition dropped in October 2014. 

Timothy’s latest project is a 3 part EP The Life Trilogy with the first part of the EP released in October 2016.  Each part will reflect different eras of music that influenced Timothy’s unique style.

Accompanying the single off his self-titles album is the video for “Stand in the Way (of My Love), shot with Herbie Hancock, who plays his dad. Says Hancock, “Timothy is very talented, sincere, and passionate about good, relevant music. His music has all those elements. That's a hard combination to beat.” 

The accolades from the artist community don’t stop there.  The musicians and music influencers have taken notice. 

“I feel about Timothy the same way I felt when I first met Tupac as far as artistic talent, hunger and quest. He has a real skillful driven soul.” says Chuck D.

“This guy was born to communicate. His delivery is effortless, the songwriting and production are top-notch. But it’s Timothy’s voice and the way he emotes through his melodies and lyrics that really stays with you, long after the song has faded. He’s the real deal” comments Dave Koz

Adds DJ Skee, CEO, Dash Radio, “Timothy has one of those rare voices that transcends genres and instantly hooks you in. His potential is through the roof, and I can't wait for the world to catch on.”
To help build up the next generation of musicians; Timothy speaks at high schools about pursuing music goals and the reality of the music business. He also works with the Gospel for Teens Youth Choir in Harlem, and has invited teens to be back up singers for shows and TV appearances. Timothy has worked with the Make Room USA highlighting the rental crisis in America as well as the Grammy Foundation, reminding people of the importance of music in the classrooms. “We need to take care of music’s future” is his mantra, and he devotes considerable energy to this goal.

Timothy Bloom’s diverse gifts as a singer, instrumentalist, composer and producer are steadily lighting up the music scene. Savvy industry players are excited to see what he does next. When asked what that is, he says “I’m going to keep making great music that touches people’s souls.” This will include new videos, a tour, some unexpected new collaborations and of course, more producing and writing.

Whatever it is, we know he will bring his signature tone and texture to touch our hearts.